12 Best Boudoir tips!


1. Meet and greet!


To ensure you have the same style and vision, meet your photographer!

Doing this will help guarantee that you are comfortable and have a working chemistry.



2. Go au naturel!


Come to your shoot with a fresh face and clean hair. That way, you can work with your hair and make up artist to get the perfect look for your shoot!


3. Shave!


(Seriously, that’s all I’m going to say on the matter. We all know it’s important.)


4. Lotion up!


Lotion is one of the most important aspects of your wardrobe.

It will help your skin to look flawless!


5. Over sized can be sexy!!!!


A man's shirt looks so sexy even when your swimming in it!

Also when it comes to thigh highs the bigger the better! 

Your garter will hold them up and you'll save your self from the dreaded THIGH BULGE!!!!


6. Be natural, but not too much!


Take instructions from your photographer; the pose may feel weird and unnatural, but trust your photographer and the outcome will look great.




7. Not too many props!


Too many props take away from the real object of the shoot-YOU!


8. Bread is not your friend!


Try to refrain from carbs, like bread, within two hours of the shoot. It gives you a faux pooch and makes you feel uncomfortable and bloated.


9. Leave the honey at home!


Never bring a loved one to a shoot! Friends are a blast, but relationships make things complicated.


10. Giggles required!


Have fun! Laugh and giggle; the most important part of the experience is enjoying yourself!


11. Be yourself!


Bring in pieces that represent you (your favorite pair of heels, your partner’s button down, or that special piece of sexy lingerie). It adds a personal touch

that makes the photos really come alive.


12. TRUST!


TRUST your photographer, they are the expert and their job is to make you look good. You’re in good hands!







• Black bra and panties

• Boy short style underwear

• Red lipstick

• Men’s button down shirt

• Red/ black stilettos

• Favorite shoes

• Favorite necklace / jewelry